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Change Caddy the coin holder


 Change Caddy the coin holder

The Change Caddy organizes your loose change, so that it is easyBlack Change Caddy
to find at that most difficult time when you are driving and have to come up with enough change in coins.  It is the ultimate coin holder
holding all your coins in one convenient place.

The Change Caddy was invented a few years ago after an experience in which the President of Teray-Williams and Douglas, Inc. was out driving his 18-wheeler truck and came to a toll booth.  He went rummaging around in his truck, like everyone does when they are in need of some change.  Like everyone else, he knew he had some, but where?  Under the seat?  In the cushions?  The point is that he finally found the change he needed.  The only problem was that he had a few upset drivers behind him.  He got fed up with it, and started to think:  How can I store my loose change, so that it would be in the same place all the time, so that I would not need to go rummaging through the truck when I needed change?  He came up with the perfect solution, the Change Caddy, a change organizer and change holder all in one.  Now all his loose change would be in one place all the time.  

So was born the Change Caddy, made in the USA, Patent 2004

Copyright 2001. Teray - Williams and Douglas, Incorporated